Books for Success

If you are looking for literature that will change your life look no further!

One of the best ways to educate ourselves is by reading about the experiences of others. The books listed on this page were written by experts who through lifetimes of experience wrote books to pass on their valuable lessons.

These books have changed my life in ways I cannot explain and I guarantee they will change yours too!

Extreme Ownership is a MUST READ for anyone in any walk of life. Jocko Willing & Leif Babin go into great detail about the concept of ownership and how important it is to be accountable for your own actions. This book is one I would encourage everyone I know to read as well as anyone who wants to work for or with me.

Leadership Strategy and Tactics builds on Extreme Ownership and goes into more detail about how to implement the concepts of ownership in the work environment and/or your everyday life. This book will change the way you view everyday situations and revolutionize your leadership skills.

The Dichotomy of Leadership does a great job comparing and contrasting the concepts from Extreme Ownership and Leadership Strategy and Tactics. This book explains how to implement those concepts and how to walk the fine line between them. You will learn how to recognize when it is acceptable to be accountable but also when it is not by giving examples of situations that walk this fine line. This book can be applied to any of life’s many situations in the work place and at home.

Whether you struggle with the idea of pursuing your dreams or not Think & Grow Rich is a must read. Napoleon Hill will revolutionize your mindset to use the laws of attraction to achieve the results in life you want. The knowledge this book provides you with is invaluable!

I Will Teach You To Be Rich will outline the fundamentals of tightening up your budget, help you establish a plan to get out of debt and continue on your road to savings and a better future. If you implement the strategies outlines in this book you will be on your new road to success in no time. You will feel reach before you even become rich! It will ensure you retire a millionaire no if ands or buts about it.

Rich Dad Poor Dad does an incredible job explaining how the rich perceive money and use money to their advantage while the majority of society has a totally different view. This book will help you build the knowledge you will need to apply to your investments to produce positive cash flow.

Tax Free Wealth establishes a great understanding of how to implement tax strategy to your business to lower your tax liability as much as possible. This book opens the door for you to have a better understanding of what tax incentives are available to you in your situation as well as what you can make available to you as you implement your strategy. As you read through this book you’ll begin feel more confident about meeting with your accountant. After reading this book, I felt it was a lot easier to find an accountant who would suit my needs versus someone who wouldn’t.

The Tax & Legal Playbook is very similar to tax free wealth. This book dives in depth about tax strategy for small businesses. It will open your mind to the many possibilities and potential tax breaks you can use to your advantage LEGALLY! This book will not only increase your awareness about taxes but it will help you raise questions for your accountant to get the best returns possible. It does a great job explaining taxes and what to look for as a business owner. This book will instill confidence the next time you meet with your accountant and get you on the path to bigger and better tax returns.

Way Of The Wolf was written by the Wolf Of Wall Street himself, Jordan Belfort. In this book he goes into great detail about the psychology, body language, tonality, and other subtle techniques Sales reps should use to sell the good or service they are offering. This book is a must read whether you are a sales person or not because these techniques can be applied to so many different situations in life from job interviews to dates.

The Intelligent Investor is a must read for anyone who would like to pursue investing in the stock market. It goes into great detail about the mindset and discipline required to be successful as well as what information you should be looking for as an investor to make the best decisions possible. The Intelligent Investor clears up any confusion you may have before entering the market and will instill the confidence you need to succeed in your investments.

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