Embrace the Laws of Attraction & You Will Do Extraordinary Things: Part II

You keep reading about the laws of attraction but you have no idea what they really are and honestly, if they have been a repeat theme that’s probably why you are reading this. Your life as you know it is sending you screaming signals that things are about to change.

You just have to embrace it.

Where do you even begin?

The truth is there’s a lot of self evaluation that must occur. It is going to require 100% honesty with yourself, dedication, and discipline.

The first step to this change is wanting the change… There is a difference between wanting a result at the end of your hard work and wanting change as a whole. Wanting change itself is rather vague but important to understand because change, and change alone, is a result of the actions you put forward. But how?

You don’t necessarily need one huge end goal. In fact, I think it’s more productive to have a huge end goal but break it up into a few small goals first. Think of them as stepping stones.

To make positive change you must want things to be different in a positive way. Set positive goals that will achieve the change you want. By wanting positive change you will open your mind to your future development, you will embrace new ideas and behaviors, and you will feel better as a person.

So what’s holding you back? That’s up to you, and only you, to decide. If it’s fear of change, you need to understand that that fear is normal. You’ve become accustomed to the way you think, the way you feel, and the way you act. It’s your norm. You’re comfortable in it and now it’s time to step outside of your comfort zone and embrace what’s about to happen.

As I said, it’s best to take bite size chunks out of this process and evaluate everything in your life. To reiterate, you can make change to your life without having a huge end goal you just need to know that you want things to be different. From there, the flood gates open.

To help illustrate this process I am going to use my own personal experience as an example.

I had racked up roughly $60,000 of debt between 5 credit cards and a car loan, not including my student loans. I was making all kinds of money but didn’t have any left over because I had no financial responsibility and/or education

Being Honest With Myself & Taking Action

I had to come to terms with the fact that I was irresponsible, immature, and uneducated when it came to finances. I was disorganized, I had no true end goal, no structure, no mentors, no guidance. I was on my own. It’s easy to tell yourself that you need to change and that you want to change and that you can’t keep continuing on the way you were… But the hardest thing for me to do was execute these thoughts into action.

I decided the first thing I needed to do was get organized. I wrote down a list of goals. I didn’t know where to begin but I just had to begin and let life take the wheel. My list of short term, bite sized goals, looked something like this:

  • Evaluate my debt – determine the EXACT amount to the PENNY.
  • Evaluate my salary – EXACT income after taxes to the PENNY.
  • Create a budget – TO THE PENNY
  • Pay off my debt.
  • Fix my credit score.

While doing so I ended up coming across a book called I Will Teach You To Be Rich which gave me clarification that I was on the right track. I would highly recommend this book to anyone in a similar financial situation. Within a year I paid off my credit cards, and my car, saved 20k to put down on a house AND increased my credit score from a low 600 to an 807.

If you want more information on how I did this check out my other posts: Eliminate Your Debt & Welcome Opportunity and Life Hacks For Credit Scores).

Sometimes in life, being honest with yourself is a simple matter of writing down whatever your brain tells your hand to write on that paper.

I noticed that as I started to execute these goals things started to change. New information and people gravitated towards me. By putting forth the energy I determined I needed to put forward, life was giving me the tools I needed to succeed.

What’s the Next Step?

As you accomplish the small goals you’ve established, you’re going to notice your long terms goal become more clear. The key to getting to this point is to just begin by doing what I previously mentioned and start somewhere.

It’s better to start somewhere and perfect things as you go along. So, what I am really trying to tell you here is that it is imperative you don’t give up.

Don’t be afraid to change your goals. Just make sure that as you refine them you are writing them down. Make sure your written goals are clear. If they are clear they will be detailed but achievable because you broke them down into small, achievable goals.

As you push forward, life is going to present you with all kinds of change. You are going to notice people leave and enter your life. You are going to notice a difference in yourself and people are going to view you differently. It is important to know that these may be some of your “closest friends.” Your “closest friends” may be the very people who don’t understand what you are working towards are going to view you as “changed,” and “different,” maybe even “selfish.” Don’t let them persuade you of this. They are most likely becoming self conscious because they don’t have the courage it takes to achieve what we are working towards. If they don’t support you they are not worth your time. But people who are worth your time will present themselves.

As I chipped away at my small goals my end goal became vividly clear. So I wrote it down as follows:

Time is my most valuable asset. Through hard work, dedication, and discipline I am going to buy back my time. I will stop at nothing. I will leverage my salary to take calculated risks such as: investing my money and start a company; ultimately making my money work for me. In return, I will acquire time. I will be able to spend my time with my son, my wife, and our future children. If things get hard, I will reevaluate my process and refine my strategy to alleviate any hardships but I will NEVER give up. There is no such thing as failure if I do not give up.

I review this goal daily and more importantly in times of doubt. I will not let myself forget or stray from it. It is this mission and this mission alone that defines my “purpose”, or as others refer to it as my “WHY”.

Once this became clear to me I noticed exactly what I mentioned before. None of my friends from home talk to me. They viewed me as a different person, as greedy, and selfish. The problem was I began working towards something that only 1% of the population understand.

If you’re reading this, you’re shaking your head because you get it. In some way shape or form, we may be after the same thing. And THAT is why you are here, that is life presenting you with the information you need.

Those are the laws of attraction at work.

Where did I go from here?

It was at this point I realized I was going to have to surround myself with likeminded individuals. Napoleon Hill talks about surrounding yourself with a “Mastermind Group” in his book Think & Grow Rich. This is a group of individuals who think like you but also do specific, individual tasks, better than you.

These individuals will help drive you to your goals. So where do you find people like this? It may be at your place of work, it could be through an alumni society, it could be at your church, community centers, or it could be on social media.

For me, I turned to LinkedIn. I began to post daily, comment on other posts, and engage in conversation with people I connected with. I am slowly building a community of people who are like minded. If I need advice, I can post to LinkedIn and get the advice I need. If I need to be challenged, I do the same. We must create the environment we need to succeed.

If you haven’t noticed a trend the laws of attraction are as simple as creating what you need. If you put time and energy into things you need to achieve your goals – life will present you with the tools to do it. You will find answers in places you would not have thought of before. What’s amazing is they have usually been in front of us all along. If we put this energy out there it is only natural the resources will gravitate towards us.

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