Embrace the Laws of Attraction & You Will Do Extraordinary Things (Part I)

We often find ourselves wondering how those in the world around us appear to be so successful. We wonder how they surround themselves with people who drive them towards their “success.” The answer is something that at first is a relatively foreign concept to grasp. They are called the laws of attraction. Believe it or not there is a lot of truth to putting positive energy out into the universe and receiving the results you desire.

When we try to pursue a life of “great success” in monetary value we often fall short of our goals because we lose sight of what we are really after. Deciphering what it is we truly want out of life takes a lot of self reflection and analyzation. But, the path to true success is simple. Figure out what you are most passionate about – what do you do everyday whether you get paid for it or not? What do you do that you don’t have to think about; it’s just who you are? If you can pinpoint that very thing, you can achieve success beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.

I’m not saying these laws of attraction are hard. I specifically described them as “foreign” because they are not what the vast majority talk about on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. (Unless you put that energy out there and the algorithms pick up on it but this only goes so far. There is a ton of bad advice/information on Social Media). If you find yourself trying to change your life and can’t figure out how most people become “successful”, the answer is not money or popularity. It is about positive energy, dedication, and discipline.

…the answer is not money or popularity. It is about positive energy, dedication and discipline.”

By pursuing something of such deep value it isn’t a chore or extra work. It’s part of our daily routine, it’s what defines us individually. It makes us unique. You’ll find that you’ll start putting more energy into what you truly love doing and in return the universe will provide you with opportunity and more time. It’s a weird feeling at first because your life drastically changes over night. I’m not saying you become a millionaire and your dreams become your reality in a few hours. But, what I am saying is – you will notice certain people who don’t truly support you drift out of your life while people who do support you and encourage you move in. You’ll become surrounded by likeminded people who will help you along your way. You’ll establish a network that fuels your desire. I’m beginning to see this for myself in different stages.

First I had changed my mindset. I was originally just going with the flow and not doing anything “extraordinary.” I used to assume doing something “extraordinary” meant becoming a millionaire and then pursuing investments or some crazy scheme to become richer. My entire life I’ve always dreamt of achieving a life I could live on my terms by becoming “rich”. Eventually this energy came back to me in various forms (subconsciously I’ve been working towards this my entire life and never fully realized it until recently).

Life had taken the reigns and pushed me towards a path of success. I realized that in order to make positive change you must do “extraordinary” things. So what does this really mean? It’s quite simple. The way I see it, the word “extraordinary” is spelt “extra” + “ordinary.” So I asked myself, what am I doing in my day to day life that is extra? What can become the “extra” to my ordinary?

Next thing I knew I was beginning to self educate. I started reading books about leadership because it was closely related to my career. I wanted to become a better leader to get better results at work. At work, I began implementing the concepts I read about. I soon found that I was handed extra jobs that eventually equated to more money but I was spending more time on those extra tasks. Not quite what I was looking for but it was a start. Sometimes we need to look deeper into the situation at hand because it is not all it appears to be.

I continued my self education and read a book called Think and Grow Rich. This book taught me a lot about the fundamentals of becoming successful and the mind set required. It was after reading this book I began pursuing my visions. I realized something incredibly important.

Money doesn’t buy happiness but it buys time. Living life working for for someone else and asking them for permission to use our limited time is not how I want to live my life. I don’t owe anyone my time and nobody will care about my time as much as I do; thus the value of my time is worth more than anybody is going to pay me.

Why is time so important to me? If I can buy my time back I can retire at 40. If I retire at 40 I can spend my life with my family instead of working for someone else. I grew up with parents who had to work and dedicated their lives to providing for my brother and I but we barely saw them. I don’t want my children to live the same life.

Ask yourself the same questions: What is important in life to me? How valuable is my time?

I continued my self education and began to chase after anything and everything that popped into my head until I finally figured out what it was I truly enjoy doing. The answer was helping others. I began to try and leverage the extra money I was making to produce money passively so I could make money without dedicating more time to it.

First I started a natural homemade cosmetic business called The Captain’s Private Stash. I wholesale CBD and non CBD cosmetics. The fuel to that fire was my unduly hatred towards the unnecessary chemicals found in almost every product we purchase – from cosmetics to food.

Once I got this established enough that it runs itself I continued my search for the next thing. I decided that rental real estate was going to be my next venture. Passive income through rental properties is a great way to make money while I sleep and eventually buy more of my time back.

I realized I am still putting a lot of time into my ventures and I was hung up on the fact that I was dedicating a lot of time to these ventures for little to no reward. I felt no fulfillment from them. I realized that I was chasing money instead of working towards my ultimate goal of time. I gave up on chasing money while still pursuing my side businesses. In other words, I was putting energy into the wrong things. I was putting energy out there for money instead of what I really wanted; time. It was the change in perspective that gave me clarity and fulfillment. I started this blog in an attempt to bring all my ventures full circle which is why I offer all this advice for free.

I was pursuing different things that are giving me what I need to produce this blog. By pursuing these other ventures I was forced to get my finances in line, turn my life around, learn how to build businesses and make mistakes along the way. I want to provide this information to those pursuing similar paths so they can make better, more educated, mistakes and be more successful than myself. I gain more fulfillment from knowing people are reading my posts and learning from my experiences than anything else in my life (except my family). My true passion is helping people.

I’ve been told time and time again that I try to help people whether I just met them or have known them for years. So by continuing my cosmetic company I can provide people wholistic products that are pure and higher quality overall helping them achieve healthier lifestyles. My real estate company is still in the beginning stages but will provide housing to college students while offering them interning options and a learning experience about finances and investments.

If you pursue things for the right reasons they will produce the cash flow you need to live life the way you want to live it. This ultimately, buys you time that at one point not long ago seemed like everyone else had except me. By putting my time and energy into what I love I am “killing two birds with one stone” as they say. My time is now mine.

I will post a part 2 to this about the exact process I use to implement these “laws of attraction” and achieve anything I put my mind to.

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